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411 8X4 REG W 4110804WH411 8X4 REG W 4110804WH
420 12X2 TOE SPACE GS 11303420 12X2 TOE SPACE GS 11303
421 2X14 DIFF GS 10714421 2X14 DIFF GS 10714
421 4X10 DIFF GS 10717421 4X10 DIFF GS 10717
421 4X10 DIFF WHT 10718421 4X10 DIFF WHT 10718
421 4X12 DIFF GS 10719421 4X12 DIFF GS 10719
421 4X14 DIFF GS 10721421 4X14 DIFF GS 10721
421 4X8GS FLOOR DIFF 10705421 4X8GS FLOOR DIFF 10705
421 6X14 DIFF GS  10769421 6X14 DIFF GS 10769
425 14X20 FILT GRL W 4251420WH425 14X20 FILT GRL W 4251420WH
425 20X20 FILT GRL W 4252020WH425 20X20 FILT GRL W 4252020WH
425 20X25 FILT GRL W 4252025WH425 20X25 FILT GRL W 4252025WH
425 25X20 FILT GRL W 4252520WH425 25X20 FILT GRL W 4252520WH
483 10X10 3-WAY OB 4831010WH483 10X10 3-WAY OB 4831010WH
483 6X6 3-WAY OB 4830606WH483 6X6 3-WAY OB 4830606WH
483 8X8 3-WAY OB 4830808WH483 8X8 3-WAY OB 4830808WH
484 10X10 4-WAY OB 4841010WH484 10X10 4-WAY OB 4841010WH
Light Commercial Ceiling Diffusers                                              - (2) Durable paint applications:                                                 electro-coating and powder-coating                                            - Precision stamping and hand-finishing                                         - Space-saving switches                                                         - Shrink-wrapped for damage protection                                          - Lifetime warranty                                                               484 Aluminum Ceiling 4-Way Diffuser                                           - Opposed blade-damper                                                          - Lever for air control484 12X12 4-WAY OB 4841212WH
484 14X14 4-WAY OB 4841414WH484 14X14 4-WAY OB 4841414WH
484 6X6 4-WAY OB 4840606WH484 6X6 4-WAY OB 4840606WH
484 8X8 4-WAY OB 4840808WH484 8X8 4-WAY OB 4840808WH
500 10X10 SW GRL W 5001010WH500 10X10 SW GRL W 5001010WH
500 10X20 SW GRL W 5001020WH500 10X20 SW GRL W 5001020WH

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