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Sealants                                                                        APOC   252 Sunwhite   Premium Elastomeric Roof Coating Sealant                    - Professional-grade                                                            - Crack, peel, and mildew-resistant                                             - Do not allow to freeze                                                        - Exceptional tensile and elongation                                            - Lowers roof temperature and                                                     extends roof life                                                             - Energy Star   rated                                                            - ASTM Listed                                                                   - UL ListedAPOC 252 SUN WHT ELASTOCOAT 5G
Sealants                                                                        APOC   501 Super-Flash   Thermoplastic Flashing Sealant                           - Professional-grade elastomeric                                                  flashing and repair product                                                   - For nearly all types of roofs and                                               roof systems                                                                  - Bonds to all common building surfaces                                         - 50x Stronger than asphalt                                                     - Stretches 250%                                                                - Remains flexible through                                                        extreme temperatures                                                          - Non-sag                                                                       - Do not use for adhering shingle tabs or any other roofing material                                                    - ASTM Listed                                                                   - Made in the USAAPOC 5019 SUPR FLSH NEOPRNE TB
Sealants                                                                        APOC   525 ArmorFlex   Thermoplastic Surfacing Compound Sealant                   - For waterproofing structural surfaces                                           and protective coating applications                                           - Rubberized coal tar modified sealer                                           - ASTM Listed                                                                   - Made in the USAAPOC 5255 AMERFLEX 5GAL
Sealants                                                                        APOC   208 Silver Guard-F   Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating Sealant                 - Professional-grade reflective coating                                         - Rust-inhibitor                                                                - Corrosion-prevention                                                          - Meets ASTM D2824                                                              - UL Listed                                                                     - Made in the USAAPOC FIBERED ALUM 208 5GAL
Sealants                                                                        CCW-201 Sealant                                                                 - Multi-component, chemical-curing, low-modulus, non-sag, polyurethane sealant  - Specifically formulated for dynamically moving joints                         - Designed to provide long-term performance plus 50% movement capability        - Primerless adhesion                                                           - 1.5 Gallon kit in 2 gallon pailCCW 201 MULTICOMP SEAL 1.5G KI
Waterproofing Membranes                                                         CCW-500 Membrane                                                                - Single-component, rubberized asphalt compound that forms a tough, flexible, thick waterproofing membrane                                                      - Hot-applied                                                                   - Adheres to virtually any sound vertical or horizontal surface                 - Fast setup time                                                               - Used for waterproofing split-slab construction projects and as the waterproofing membrane on roof decks                                                       - Packaged in 45 lb blocksCCW 500 HOT APPLIED
Reinforcing Fabrics                                                             CCW-500R Reinforcing Fabric                                                     - Spun-bonded polyester fabric                                                  - Used as the reinforcing layer in the CCW-500 hot-applied-liquid-membrane systemCCW 500 REIN FABRIC 36"X667'
Waterproofing Membranes                                                         CCW-703 Vertical LiquiSeal Membrane                                             - Two-component polyurethane waterproofing system                               - For vertical applications                                                     - Self-curing                                                                   - Applied using a squeegee, trowel, or spray equipment                          - Ideally suited for waterproofing on below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, and planters                                                                       - This product is supplied in (2) kits that produce (2)                           gallons each when mixed                                                       - 12 Month shelf lifeCCW 703 VERT LIQUISEAL 2 GAL K
Waterproofing Sealants                                                          CCW-704 Mastic Sealant                                                          - Solvent-based, rubberized bitumen mastic                                      - Designed for use on the top surface and edges of CCW sheet membrane systems as a secondary seal on the seams, T-joints, overlaps, and other terminationsCCW 704 MASTIC 30 OZ TUBE
Air & Vapor Barriers                                                            CCW-705 Air & Vapor Barrier Strips                                              - Self-adhering membrane                                                        - Consists of a tough, cross-laminated, HDPE film fully coated with an aggressive, rubberized-asphalt adhesive                                                  - Disposable silicone paper release liner                                       - Ideal for wall flashing applications                                          - Cold-applied                                                                  - Resists mechanical damage                                                     - Provides a seal around fasteners and penetrations to prevent wall assembly leaks                                                                              - East to install, inspect, and repair                                          - Thickness: 40 milCCW 705 AIR&VAPOR BARR 36"X75'
Waterproofing Membranes                                                         711-90 Sheet Membrane                                                           - 90 mil Thick composite                                                        - Consists of self-adhering rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a high-strength, heat-resistant woven polypropylene mesh                                   - When used as a first course, this reinforced membrane provides a uniform, pinhole-free layer, providing an excellent substrate for the monolithic hot-applied layer                                                                           - Primarily designed to be used in conjunction with CCW-500R                    - Membrane adheres tenaciously to CCW-500 Hot-Applied Membrane and to the primed substrate while the CCW-500 Hot-Applied Membrane bonds with the mesh, assuring a waterproof condition                                                          - Inherent durability and heat-resistant properties of mesh ensures integrity of membrane when the CCW-500 Hot-Applied Membrane is installed over itCCW 711-90 MEMB 18"X45'
Waterproofing Membranes                                                         MiraDRI   860 Waterproofing Membrane                                             - Self-adhering                                                                 - Vertical or horizontal applications                                           - Ideal for temperatures 40   and aboveCCW 860/861 36"X67' 200SF
Waterproofing Membranes                                                         Barricoat  -R Membrane                                                           - Roller applied                                                                - Water-based, asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic rubbers and special additives                                                                - Cures rapidly to a monolithic, highly flexible waterproofing membrane         - Often used as an accessory product in the Barricoat-S Spray-Applied Waterproofing systemCCW BARRICOAT ROLLER GRD 5 GAL
Air & Vapor Barriers                                                            Fire Resist Barritech  VP Air & Vapor Barrier Strips                            - Fluid-applied vapor-permeable air barrier made of naturally fire-resistant materials                                                                          - Can be applied over concrete block, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing, plywood, and OSB                                                                     - Fire-resistant composition permits use in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285                                                                             - Dries to a distinctive blue color for easy identification                     - 180 Day UV resistance                                                         - Vapor-permeable feature permits use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed                                                                    - Non-flammable and fume-free composition contributes to safety during installat ion                                                                             - Easy, water clean-up of tools and equipment reduces harmful chemicals on the jobsite                                                                          - Spray-through standard, one-part equipment provides a simple and quick installation                                                                           - Monolithic coverage and self-sealing properties around fasteners enable an air and watertight installation                                                    - Non-asphalt composition permits contact with many window and joint sealantsCCW BARRITECH VP 5 GAL
Reinforcing Fabrics                                                             LiquiFiber  Reinforcing Fabric                                                  - Consists of randomly oriented glass strands formed into cohesive mats with a water-soluble binder                                                             - Simple installation                                                           - Seamless                                                                      - High strength                                                                 - Improves CCW system performance                                               - Compatible with all CCW cold fluid-applied membranes                          - Replaces sheet membrane and reinforcing fabric details in the following CCW cold, fluid-applied waterproofing and air barrier systems:                        - Barricoat                                                                     - Barriseal - Barritech NP                                                                  - Barritech VP                                                                  - MiraSeal                                                                      - MiraPLYCCW LIQUIFIBER W 12"X300'WATER
Waterproofing Sealants                                                          CCW LM-800XL Liquid Mastic Sealant                                              - Fast-drying elastomeric, single-component, cold-applied liquid mastic         - Designed for use with MiraDRI 860/861 membranes                               - Can be used between footing and foundations when tying in slab waterproofing with the foundation wall, pipes and penetrations, or to fill small voids in substrateCCW LM-800XL MASTIC TUBE12/CTN
MiraCLAY   Sealant System                                                        MiraCLAY   Membrane                                                              - Bentonite clay waterproofing membrane                                         - Features a layer of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between a puncture-resistant, nonwoven polypropylene fabric and a high-tensile strength woven polypropylene fabric                                                                       - Designed for waterproofing below grade structural slabs                       - Self-healing if ripped or punctured                                           - In a hydrated state, the bentonite clay has tremendous impermeability and excellent resistance to chemicals                                                   - Expands and seals cracks in concrete up to 1/16" in widthCCW MIRACLAY 5'X14'
MiraCLAY  Sealant System                                                        MiraCLAY  Sealant                                                               - Accessory product to the MiraCLAY   waterproofing membrane                     - Used as a detail sealant at termination bars, soldier piles, pipe penetrations, transitions, and inside corners                                               - No primer or surface preparation required for installation                    - 3/4" Trowel bead will cover approximately 10 - 15 square feet per gallonCCW MIRACLAY SEALANT 5 GAL
MiraDRAIN   Drainage Composite                                                   - Stops progressive destruction caused by groundwater seepage                   - Aggregate-free drainage solution                                              - Allows for multiple flow paths for water to pass freely into the drainage core  MiraDRAIN   9000 Drain Composite                                               - High performance drainage composite for use in horizontal plaza, roof deck and between-slab drainage applications                                             - Consists of a three-dimensional, high-impact polystyrene core and a woven filter fabric                                                                       - Relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup                                         - Consistent and proven long-term performance due to a multi-directional core configuration providing a uniform flow path for water to escape                   - High-flow drainage capacity ensuring effective drainage for virtually any                                          horizontal application                                                          - No clogging drainage performance                                              - High-compressive-strength system                                                withstands overburden stresses                                                - Enhances waterproofing system by channeling water away and providing a secondary water retention layer                                                        - Lightweight, easy-to-install panels eliminate the need for aggregate          - Made in the USACCW MIRADRAIN 9000 48X50 200SF

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