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Fasteners                                                                       Sarnafastener #12                                                               - Threaded fastener used with Sarnaplates                                         to attach insulation boards directly to                                       steel (18-24 gauge) or wood                                                     (>15/32") roof decks                                                            - Carbon steel treated with a                                                     corrosion-resistant coating                                                   - Modified buttress thread with 12-1/2 thread turns/inch to maximize pull-out performance and minimizing stripping and back-out
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Pockets                                                                         Sure-Seal   EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Pourable Sealer Pocket                       - Prefabricated pockets                                                         - 2" Wide plastic support strip                                                   with SecurTAPE  backed                                                        Elastoform Flashing                                                              - Ideal for sealing irregular, hard-to-flash                                      penetrations through the membrane                                             - Several pockets can be combined to                                              create larger pockets as needed


Fasteners                                                                       HP Fastener                                                                     - For use with Carlisle   fastening plates                                         to secure membrane, insulation, and                                           pressure-sensitive RUSS strips to a                                             variety of substrates                                                           - Specially designed for Carlisle                                                  Sure-Tough  membrane                                                          - Buttress thread design and wide surface                                         contact provide increased pull-out and                                        back-out resistance                                                             - Can be used on wood and 22 gauge or                                             heavier steel decks - Mini drill-point maximizes                                                      installation efficiency                                                       - Penetration depth:                                                            - Wood minimum: 3/4"                                                            - Steel minimum: 1"                                                             - Corrosion-resistant