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Flashing                                                                        Sure-Weld   TPO Non-Reinforced Flashing                                          - 60 mil TPO Membrane used to                                                     field fabricate pipe flashing when                                            it is not feasible to use                                                       pre-molded accessories                                                          - Superior weldability allows for                                                 consistent, high-quality seams                                                in penetrations and other critical                                              roof areas                                                                      - Compounded with OctaGuard XT                                                    weathering package for maximum longevity
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Plates                                                                          Piranha  XTRA Plate                                                             - 20 Gauge steel                                                                - (12) Barbs for increased slip resistance                                        of membrane during uplift conditions                                          - Oversized diameter hole for the larger                                          wire size for the HP-XTRA fastener


Underlayments                                                                   Self-Adhering Technology (SAT ) 60 mil  Reinforced TPO Membrane                 - Heat-weldable, single-ply TPO sheet designed for fully adhered new roof construction and re-roofing applications                                              - TPO Membrane laminated to an elastomeric pressure-sensitive adhesive          - Improved adhesive formulation for superior bonding to substrates              - Smooth membrane reduces dirt buildup and stays cleaner longer                 - Enhanced with OctaGuard XT  weathering package                                - Pressure-sensitive adhesive is a 100% solid, hot-melt                         - Uncoated edge is maintained to allow for heat-welded field seams              - No solvents, odors or VOC's                                                   - Double-sided release liner                                                    - Lay-flat technology - Highly reflective                                                             - Breaking strength: 360 lbf                                                    - Tearing strength: 130 lbf                                                     - Puncture resistance: 350 lbf                                                  - UL Approved                                                                   - UL-2218 Class 4 rating                                                        - FM Approved                                                                   - CRRC rated                                                                    - Energy Star   qualified                                                        - California title 24-compliant


.060 TPO WHT APEEL 10'X100'