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Underlayments                                                                   Sure-Seal   FleeceBACK   115 mil EPDM Membrane with FAT                           - Manufactured using hot-melt adhesive technology                                 to bond fleece backing to EPDM sheeting                                       - EPDM is reinforced and enhanced with fleece                                     creating a tough, durable sheet                                               - FleeceBACK   EPDM sheets are manufactured with factory-applied tape (FAT) for consistent, quality seams                                                        - Superior wind uplift performance due to bond                                    between fleece and adhesive                                                   - Impact-resistant Flexible FAST   adhesive improves puncture resistance         - Flexible FAST adhesive adds R-Value                                           - Fleece reinforcement adds toughness, durability and enhanced puncture resi ce                                                                              - 3" Factory-applied tape                                                       - Breaking strength: 200 lbf                                                    - Tearing strength: 45 lbf                                                      - Puncture resistance: 338 lbf                                                  - UL Class A rated                                                              - UL-2218 Class 4 hail resistance                                               - FM Approved                                                                   -                                                                               -                                                                                 * 6" Factory-Applied Tape
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