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Galvanized Sheet Metal Pipe & Fittings                                          - Union made in the USA                                                           GreenSeam   Straight-Sided High-Efficiency Take-Off (HETO) (Crimp x Press-On)  - Pre-sealed with gasket made of                                                  EPDM rubber and proprietary                                                   co-polymer                                                                      - Zero VOCs                                                                     - Galvanized steel (ASTM A653                                                     and A924)                                                                     - G-60 Galvanized coating (ASTM A653                                              and ASTM A90)                                                                 - Available in:                                                                 - G-90 Galvanized steel - Aluminum (ASTM B209 Alloy 3003 Temper H14)                                    - 304 Stainless Steel (ASTM A480 2B Finish)                                     - Pressure rating: Designed per SMACNA Third Edition 2005, Section 4.8 Figure 4-6 Branch Connections                                                            - Dimensional tolerance: +/- 1/4"                                                 GreenSeam   Straight-Sided High-Efficiency Take-Off (HETO) with 2" Standoff & Damper (Crimp x Press-On)                                                        - Includes damper and                                                             Wingate hardware                                                              - Suffixes:                                                                     - DC = 3'8" Commercial hardware                                                 - DB = Standard hardware
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