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"Rip Stop" Silver Jacket Flex Duct                                              - Features metalized polyester                                                    vapor barrier with a special                                                  "rip stop" scrim reinforcement                                                  - Johns Manville                                                                  Formaldehyde-Free  fiberglass                                                 insulation                                                                      - Galvanized, reinforced core                                                     R-6.0 "Rip Stop" Silver Jacket Flex Duct
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30 Series Silver Double-Ply Polyester                                           Core Insulated Flexible Duct                                                    - Air-tight inner core                                                          - Encapsulated wire helix                                                       - Quick installation                                                            - Smooth inner core for                                                           lower friction loss                                                           - Thick blanket of fiberglass insulation                                        - Tough reinforced metalized                                                      polyester jacket is                                                           tear and puncture-resistant                                                     - GREENGUARD Indoor Air                                                           Quality Certified R-4.2 Class 1 Air Duct with Silver Insulated Metalized Jacket, UL181