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Duct Insulation                                                                 rFoil  Reflective Duct Insulation                                               - Double layer of polyethylene bubbles                                          - Approved vapor barrier protection                                             - Inhibits condensation, mould,                                                   and fungi growth                                                              - Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic                                                    - Duct insulation without spacers: R-4.2                                        - Duct insulation without spacers: R-6.0                                        - Thickness: 5/16"                                                              - Weight: 1.25 oz/square ft.                                                    - Temperature range: -50  F to 180  F
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Duct Insulation                                                                 rFoil  Big-8 Duct Insulation                                                    - Consists of (2) layers of thick polyethylene                                    bubble pack reflective insulation separated                                   by 2-inch wide strips of bubble pack insulation                                 - R-Value 8                                                                     - Approved vapor barrier protection                                             - Inhibits condensation, mould and                                                fungi growth                                                                  - Improves HVAC system efficiency                                               - No foam corner spacer needed                                                  - Thermal performance unaffected by moisture                                    - Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic