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Condensate Drain Pans                                                           High Rise Pan  Kit                                                              - Allows placement of a handler                                                   2-3/4" above the outside lip of                                               pan without mounting blocks                                                     - Molded-in network of risers to                                                  give a 5" lift                                                                - Includes:                                                                     - Condensate Cop  float switch                                                  - (6) E.V.A.  Anti-vibration                                                      pads                                                                          - (1) 3/4" PVC Male adapter
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Chemical Sprayers                                                               No. 220CP Poly Sprayer                                                          - Constructed of high-density                                                     translucent polyethylene                                                      - Funnel top for easy filling                                                   - Built-in 10" polypropylene air                                                  pump allows good working                                                      pressure within moments                                                         - Adjustable spray nozzle