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Adhesives                                                                       DP 2501 Water-Based Duct Liner Adhesive                                         - For spray, brush, and                                                           roller applications                                                           - Low odor, non-oxidizing                                                       - Moisture-resistant                                                            - Premium quality                                                               - LEED Qualified                                                                - cULus Classified
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PM Duct Liner                                                                   - Specifically designed for lining                                                sheet metal ducts in HVAC                                                     systems, providing superior                                                     acoustical and                                                                  thermal performance                                                             - Controls both temperature and sound                                           - Will not support microbial growth                                             - Shop fabrication cuts must be coated with a duct liner coating such as SuperSeal   edge treatment                                                              - Maximum operating temperature: 250  F                                          - Specification compliance:                                                     - ASTM C 1071, Type I - ICC Compliant                                                                 - California Title 24                                                           - ASHRAE 62                                                                     - MEA 353-93-M                                                                  - SMACNA Application standard for duct liners                                   - NAIMA Fibrous glass duct liner installation standard                          - UL Listed                                                                     - Greenguard Certified                                                            PM Duct Liner - 2" Thick                                                      - Noise reduction coefficient: 0.95