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Cleaners                                                                        Un-Tack  Adhesive Remover & Cleaner                                             - Designed to remove                                                              Travel-Tack                                                                   spray adhesives                                                                 - Removes adhesives                                                               and contact  cement from                                                      vinyl, plastics, most                                                           fabrics, rubber & glass                                                         - Prepares surfaces for rolled                                                    sealants and butyl tape and                                                   other adhesives
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Adhesives                                                                       CAV-GRIP  Low-VOC Adhesive                                                      - Quick application with spray gun                                              - Excellent for adhering FleeceBack   and                                          standard TPO membranes to vertical walls                                      - Enhances bond between Carlisle's                                                 VapAir Seal  725TR and various                                                substrates                                                                      - Primes unexposed asphalt prior                                                  to applying FAST  adhesive                                                    for insulation attachment                                                       - Provides strong adhesion and                                                    quick drying times in a wide range of temperatures