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Dyn-O-Mate   Gasketing Material                                                  Butyl Gasket                                                                    - Permanent soft caulking compound                                              - Adheres to most dry, clean surfaces                                           - Can withstand movement without                                                  cracking                                                                      - Temperature range: -40  F to 249  F                                             - Non-corrosive
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Galvanized Sheet Metal Pipe & Fittings                                          - Union made in the USA                                                           GreenSeam   90   Adjustable Elbow (Crimp x Plain)                               - Galvanized steel (ASTM A653 and                                                 A924)                                                                         - G-60 Galvanized coating (ASTM                                                   A653 and ASTM A90)                                                            - Available in:                                                                 - G-90 Galvanized steel                                                         - Aluminum (ASTM B209 Alloy 3003 Temper H14)                                    - 304 Stainless steel (ASTM A480 2B finish)                                     - Pressure rating: -1"wg to +2"wg                                               - Dimensional tolerance:   1/4"