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Micro-Aire   Fiberglass Duct Board (MAD Board)                                   - Used to fabricate ducts for                                                     commercial and residential                                                    construction                                                                    - Airstream side features a black                                                 fiberglass mat                                                                - Exterior surface features a                                                     fire-resistant foil-scrim-kraft                                               facing extending the full width                                                 of the male edge to serve as an                                                 integral closure flap for section joints                                        - Molded with double-density, male female                                         edges for secure connections - Less air leakage compared to metal ducts                                      - Will not support microbial growth                                             - Maximum temperature: 250  F                                                    - Maximum air velocity: 5,000 fpm                                               - Noise reduction coefficient: 0.85 (R-6.5)                                     - Recycle content: 10%                                                          - Specification compliance:                                                     - ASTM E84                                                                      - NFPA 90A/90B                                                                  - Can/ULC S102-M88                                                              - ICC Compliant                                                                 - MEA# 237-86-M                                                                 - UL Listed- Quantity designation:                                                         - CT = Carton                                                                   - PT = Pallet                                                                     Type 475 Mat-Faced Micro-Aire   (Male/Female)                                  - Noise reduction coefficient: 0.70
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