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Metallized Duct Tape                                                            DC 181 UL 181B-FX Listed/Printed Film Tape  -                                   2.8 Mil                                                                         - Applications:                                                                 - For use on Class 1 Flex                                                         Duct for connecting,                                                          joining, sealing                                                                and patching flexible                                                           air ductwork                                                                    - Excellent conformability to                                                     uneven surfaces                                                               - Easy to unwind and tear                                                       - High-tack acrylic cold temperature adhesive                                                          - Metallized BOPP film with                                                       black print/black with white print                                            - Acrylic-based adhesive                                                        - Standards: Tested in accordance with UL 723; UL 181B-FX; UL Listed; FSI 25/SDI 50; US Green Building Council - LEED   Point Contributor Product                -                                                                               -                                                                                 * Metallized
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Project packs are ideal for Contractors and Builders who have yet to pick out the final product. With the housing for the fan sold separately from the grille and motor, contractors are able to continue with construction and not have to worry about damaging, losing or storing the product.