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Metallized Duct Tape                                                            DC 181 UL 181B-FX Listed/Printed Film Tape  -                                   2.8 Mil                                                                         - Applications:                                                                 - For use on Class 1 Flex                                                         Duct for connecting,                                                          joining, sealing                                                                and patching flexible                                                           air ductwork                                                                    - Excellent conformability to                                                     uneven surfaces                                                               - Easy to unwind and tear                                                       - High-tack acrylic cold temperature adhesive                                                          - Metallized BOPP film with                                                       black print/black with white print                                            - Acrylic-based adhesive                                                        - Standards: Tested in accordance with UL 723; UL 181B-FX; UL Listed; FSI 25/SDI 50; US Green Building Council - LEED   Point Contributor Product                -                                                                               -                                                                                 * Metallized
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