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Duct Tape                                                                       SF 682 ShurFLEX   Non-Printed Metallized Cloth Duct Tape                         - Applications:                                                                 - For use in the HVAC industry                                                    for airtight and moisture-free                                                seaming, connecting, splicing,                                                  patching and sealing of sheet                                                   metal and flex duct, rigid duct                                                 boards, air vents, insulation,                                                  fibrous filter banks and                                                        pollution collection systems                                                    - Flexible and conformable                                                      - Easy to unwind and tear - Will not twist or curl during                                                   application                                                                   - Waterproof Metallized polyethylene film with a cloth carrier                  - Natural rubber adhesive                                                       - Tensile strength: 25 lbs/in                                                   - Thickness: 10 mils                                                            - Service temperature range: 50   to 200  F                                       - Standards: Tested in accordance                                                 with UL 723; FSI 0/SDI 0;                                                     US Green Building Council -                                                     LEED   Point Contributor Product
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