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Specialty Products                                                              MJ 100 Fiberglass Mesh Tape - 9 Mil                                             - Applications:                                                                 - Used for reinforcing joints,                                                    seams and connections                                                         when paint-on mastic is                                                         used in HVAC applications                                                       - Can be applied to drywall                                                       seams before the application                                                  of joint compound                                                               - Professional grade open weave                                                   fiberglass mesh drywall tape                                                  - MJ 100 Drywall tape is self-adhering and offers superior strength                                                  compared to paper                                                               - Self-adhering                                                                 - Light adhesive on one side for non-slipping                                   - Width selection provides ample support for mastic coat                        - Fabric count - 8 ends by 8 picks for superior strength
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